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About Us

This Ashley Furniture HomeStore website and stores are independently owned and locally operated by Empresas Berrios, holder of an Ashley license in Puerto Rico. If you have any questions or inquires about these locations, you can contact us here.

Berrios History, Vision, Mission & Core Values
The largest furniture store in the world joins the largest furniture store of Puerto Rico. Ashley is operated in Puerto Rico by Empresas Berrios, known by many as “Mueblerías Berríos”. This alliance seeks to offer all Puerto Ricans more variety, styles and quality. Now more than 20,000 new products will be offered to customers in Puerto Rico with the ability to make online purchases of all Ashley’s inventory.

Leadership, committed to excellent service and quality products.

Be leaders in the sales industry of home furniture and appliances in Puerto Rico, always exceeding the expectations of our clients in service, quality, variety, price and financing options. To provide, in addition, to our colleagues a workplace oriented towards the satisfaction of their needs, the strengthening of their capacities and personal and professional development.

Core values

  • Orientation towards the client
  • Commitment to quality in the provision of the service
  • Contribution to the economic and social development of Puerto Rico
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Mutual respect
  • Trust
  • Open communication
  • Dedication and effort
  • Participation and integration of employees
  • Support to the work team
  • Training and continuous improvement
  • And so God help us!

Berríos Furniture starts in 1974 with the store of Cidra I, where Don Florencio Berríos and his brother, Don Gabriel Berríos open a shop for the sale of furniture and furnishings. For the year 1976 they are joined by another brother, Don Roberto Berríos.

The company continues to grow rapidly and opened from 1976 through 1985 eight more stores and a larger warehouse. 

Due to this development, in the year 1985, Berríos decides to move its offices to a more central and spacious place in “Barrio Rio Cañas” in Caguas. Here they open their offices next to a bigger central warehouse. The development of Berríos Furniture continues with the opening of 7 more stores after 1992 and built the biggest warehouse in the Caribbean in 1995.

Becoming the leaders in the sale of furniture, “Mueblerías Berríos” captures the attention of the American furniture chain Heilig-Meyers, and was bought by them in 1995. As of this date, Berríos became part of the 700 stores of Heilig-Meyer base in Richmond, Virginia.

The Berríos expansion (HMPR Inc.) continued with the acquisition in October 1995 of the BWAC Furniture Stores, adding 11 stores to the chain around the island.

In April 2000, HMPR Inc. decided to sell part of its furniture chain and was acquired by Don Florencio Berríos, this time, leaded by his sons Noel, Janice and Héctor (Millo), under the corporate name of Empresas Berríos, Inc. The return of the Berríos family was welcomed with great joy by the working group. In 2015, they opened two stores with the inclusion of Ashley Galleries in stores, which have been very successful, together with the other branches of the company.

The company has around 28 stores, 1 Distribution Center, Service Department and Central Offices located in Cidra. 

Berríos is focused on the continuous improvement, its image and innovation projects aimed at keeping them as leaders in the industry and continue to provide an excellent service to internal and external customers.